Sunday, June 25, 2006

What Color Is My Hair?

These were taken in indirect light with no flash. Assuming your monitor isn't wonky, what color do you think my hair is?
Try to ignore the gray - G. says it's more noticeable in these photos than in real life (thanks, but I'm still gonna cover it). When I was a kid, I used to try to match my hair to Crayola crayons and the closest I got was burnt sienna.

Now A.'s got red hair, and since he was tiny, people have said, "Oh, what gorgeous red hair! Where does he get it?" I say, "Me," but you can tell they think I'm delusional.

Sometimes if the light's really good, they'll add, "Oh, yeah, I guess you do have some red in your hair, huh?" I am a redhead, damnit! The carpets match the drapes, too, but you're not getting a picture of that. Now that I think of it, though, maybe I should carry a picture of that around with me just to prove it. That'll shut 'em up.

My status as a redhead has never been in question until the last few years. I read somewhere that red hair fades more quickly than other hair colors, but since my mother had dark auburn hair until her early 60's, I figured mine would stay, too.

Last week we went with my older sister to the zoo. A. was following her, so I called out, "OK, but stay with Auntie R!" This lady passing by said to me, "Oh, it looks like he got Auntie R's hair color!"

Sometimes people call my hair strawberry blonde, but it seems to me that it's too dark for that. And it's got too many blondish streaks to be dark auburn. When I was a kid, I didn't want red hair since it was so different and the only people who thought it was cool were grownups - I wanted to be a brunette. Have I had another childhood wish granted?

I bought a bottle of some Nutrisse color the same day of the zoo incident. Haven't had the balls to do it yet. On the sides of the box where it says, "If your hair color is....then your result will be..." they never give options for reddish hair. So I'm afraid it's going to turn orange. Once I find the courage (and the time) to do it, I'll let y'all know how it goes.


Deirdre said...

I would call it red. It's the same color that my mother's hair used to be, though, so it's easier for me to judge. Red hair doesn't have to be flaming red or orange to be red.

Beastarzmom said...

How funny is this - I was just writing a blog entry about how your hair is red and you don't get credit for it. Like JUST NOW! Maybe I'll finish it anyway just cuz it's damn weird that we're on the same wavelength again. You'd think we were related or something.

Your hair is RED. It has always been RED. (And if you use my hairstylist, it will always STAY that way!!!) But I have always told people that your hair was "more strawberry blond than mine". I called you a mix between Big Sis and Middle Sis.

But Red.


corndog said...

My wife's hair is a very similar color and her sister, who is a hairdresser, told her that if she ever colors it, she will kill her (how's that for pronoun trouble?). Anyway, we call it red, or sometimes strawberry blond, and it looks like both our boys have it too. So I love that color and I think it looks great on you, too.

lady venus said...

As a fading redhead myself, I would call it gorgeous! The deep auburn with wonderful strawberry highlights cannot be found in a bottle, leave it be!

Marianne said...

Looks red to me! My hair is a bit darker than yours, and unless I'm in direct sunlight, people often think I have brown hair. Know what you mean about the lack of instructions for redheads on the color bottles. Last time I did mine myself it was dark maroon when I was done. I've stuck to professional highlights ever since.

Sarah O. said...

I think your hair looks great but ugh, graying is so hard. Have you begun to notice that women don't let themselves go gray any more? Really, the only ones who do are tiny, skinny and gorgeous. The rest of us are chickens.

Coloring your hair is a downward spiral. It's unbelievably expensive to do right and, unless you have it professionally done literally every 3 weeks, your hair will always sport some telltale gray.

Ugh. My roots are showing again...

Hey, let's go gray together.

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