Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 11th Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me...

I have a feeling I'm supposed to be doing something right now since Christmas is 6 days away and we leave for Portland in less than 3 days, but I'm brain dead from listening to people all day (why are people in therapy so doggone negative? Sheesh). So I'm going to do a meme from Sarah.

Age on my next birthday:

Place I'd like to travel:

Place I've been:

Favorite Food:

Place I was born:

Place I live:

Name of past pet:

My best friend's nickname:

My maiden name:
First Job:
(FYI: don't google "babysitter" images unless your safe search is on. Unless you want lots of porno pics that, as far as I can see, have nothing to do with babysitting.)


Sarah O. said...

Ooooo-kay. Your age=microscopic thing. You like to eat parrots. You were born by a keg. You live in a place where people sing horrible coy versions of 'Santa Baby". You had a pet named "Scooter". Your best friend's nickname is White Sedan and I don't even want to think about your maiden name.

Colleen said...
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Lunasea said...


Lunasea said...

OK, OK, I don't eat parrots.

Hint: Hold your cursor over each photo to see the name of the photo (probably down in the link).

Sarah O. said...

Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I did run the curser over the pictures, (former) Ms. A.

VERY nice job, by the way! Excellent photo choices.

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