Wednesday, December 26, 2007

White Christmas

I don't have any pics because I don't have any USB cables here to hook my camera up here (note: put on packing list for next year), but Portland got a nice dusting of snow for Christmas Day. That was cool, although today A. tells us that snow gives him a headache. Good thing he lives most of the winter in California.

The boys are over at the uncle's house this morning, because their snow actually stuck, and I'm getting ready to walk BY MYSELF to get some coffee. The BY MYSELF and the COFFEE are the important parts of that sentence. It's been a very nice Christmas and a pretty fun trip, really, but I need a tiny bit of down time.

The only bummer is that A., like his mother, seems to be allergic to air. I can control my nose with a steroid spray, but my lungs feel like they're filled with smoke and my ears itch. Poor A. is too young for the spray and Claritin has limited efficacy, so he's getting drugged with benadryl every night. It helps him sleep but he still snores pretty loudly. One of us sleeps with him while the other parent sleeps across the hall in the tiny single bed. So at least one of us gets a good night's sleep. Tonight's my night -yay! And tomorrow we head home. I enjoyed Christmas more than usual this year, but I'm always glad when it's over and I can get back to my routine.


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