Monday, December 03, 2007

One-Liner Updates

A's been doing some more decorating. (yes, our shower/tub is unfinished. It will be finished someday.)

The angel is ready for her free throw.

We have a huge tree.


Sarah O. said...

The angel caption totally cracked me up!

Gary Oxford said...

So who won the Angels-Shepherds matchup? I can't find the results anywhere on I had the Angels going to the Final Four, before being taken out by the Seraphim.

Lunasea said...

The Angels used their ability to fly to their advantage against the shepherds and the holy family. The shepherds, and Mary, of course, just coming off giving birth, never found their game. It was a wipe-out.

Carrie said...

OK, so I'm a little loopy tired from the book fair but I can't stop laughing about the angel caption and your comment.

I need sleep.

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