Friday, July 18, 2008

Ack! Need Help!

So I'm heading to BlogHer tomorrow, and I just read the tips for newcomers. One thing I saw echoed several times was, "Have an answer to the question, 'What's your blog about?'"

Help! What's my blog about?


Beastarzmom said...

The direct answer: "Me"

The indirect answer: "The random ramblings of a mother on too much caffeine. I have A., a redheaded 1st grader, Ben, an obstinate but very cute 3 year-old, and G., their dad and a cute guy in his own right."

The unoriginal answer: "oh, I have a mommy blog"

The surfer answer: "Cool things, dude"

Valley Girl answer: "Like, um, random thoughts, y'know?"

hmmmm - Guess you can pretty much label it anything you want! How about "stuff the people who read my blog like to read".

Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm pretty new to your blog and I've enjoyed it a lot. I know its probably too simple but I think your blog is about: life, love and laughter.
Knot Mom

brandii said...

I think it's about your journey balancing motherhood, career and preserving your own self.

Sarah O. said...

Um, Smart insightful mom's life with two adorable brilliant kids and husband.

You're adorable and brilliant too but it sounds a little creepy when you say it about yourself.

Anonymous said...


I think it's alright to have a lot of different answers about the focus of your blog. I like some of the suggestions people gave you here, and looking through your posts, I'd have to agree. You have a unique voice! I hope you enjoy the rest of BlogHer!


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