Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Weird Chick with the Floating-Eyes-Coffee-Cup

So I didn't do BlogHer entirely alone. I promised I'd bring a photo of Kelley with me since she couldn't make it in person from Australia. I made a tumbler insert with her eyes on it for my coffee cup, and to prove it, here are the pictures.

On our way. Safety first!

Kelley got some financial advice from the Intuit makeover "spa":

Lunch. Kelley doesn't eat much, so we shared a "North Beach" sandwich:

At 5pm, you could have a healthy break with Boca Burgers:

But we opted for the full-size candy bars instead. I had to eat two Milky Ways, because Kelley likes chocolate (I think. I don't really know. But I like chocolate quite a bit):

I wish I'd gotten one with the Michelin Man. MM was looking like he could use some company, too. But I was feeling very weirdly shy yesterday. Guess I picked the wrong day to give up sniffing airplane glue.

Here are few more pics in the Sesame Street suite. This was Grover. At first, I thought the puppeteer was blind because it looked like he was keeping his eyes closed. I thought, "Oh, that's kind of cool. The voice of Grover is blind!" kind of like, "Hey, the voice of Elmo is a black guy!"

But then I realized he was just watching the whole thing on a monitor at his feet.

And here's Abby Cadaby, with her puppeteer, the blonde pigtailed woman. The visitor was making a video where Abby was talking to her about her kids, and a friend was shooting it with a video. I kind of wanted to do that too, but didn't have anyone to hold the camera. :::sniff sniff::::[/pity party]


Sarah O. said...

Phew. And here I thought you did BlogHer alone! I especially like the seat belt picture.

The guy who does Elmo used to live near me - at the time, he lived in a Baltimore burb next to mine and COMMUTED to NYC to do Elmo. I recently read that he lives in NYC sans famille. Anyhoo, I'd seen his picture in the paper and I'd see him occasionally in the flesh at kiddie places. He'd be there not as Elmo but as a dad. I'd stare at him, not quite believing that this biggish dude could do the whole Elmo thing.

Kelley said...

AWESOME! LIKE OMG!!! That is soooooooooo fantastic!

I am sad for you that you didn't get to play with Grover. You should have channelled your inner MagnetoBold and just grabbed someone to take your photo with him.

Smootches babe, you are the best. This is so hilariously funny!

My Brand Of Crazy... said...

Um...jeez...I'm a tad bit jealous.
At least I think that's the feeling I'm having...
Kelley got to go ona coffe cup?
What about me?
What am I?
Chopped liver?
I would have been willing to go as a coffee stirererer! Or one of those tiny little package covers for travel tissues?
Your vibrator even?
I take that back...that would just be too weird...

Anyhoo...I'm so glad you went and had a little fun!
You strong woman you!
Now when someone asks what your blog is about...your answer can be, "BlogHer08!"
Love ya:)

My Brand Of Crazy... said...
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Lunasea said...

P, you gotta come up with the idea! I'd totally take you, but I'm not clever enough to come up with the idea myself. Kelley trolled for people to take her and I'm pretty easy to convince to do stuff like that.

It would've been cool to bring you with me and say, "Yeah. She's in Dubai," and have felt all international and shit.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Ha! I love it.

PS. I adore you.

Anonymous said...

I should have asked you to bring me too. I'd have sent you a rubber boob ball or something.

LeLo in NoPo said...

If I had known I should have also had a conversation with that coffee cup there I would have.

It was nice to meet you. And how is it possible I didn't know anything about this Sesame Street room until the conference was over?!?!?!

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