Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Thoughts on BlogHer08

I am so very intimidated. These are people who twitter from their cell phones, right next to me. And something called tweeting, which, but I'm not sure, might be related to twittering.

Dooce is really tall. I was within spitting distance of her, but I didn't think she'd appreciate my spit. I thought about asking for a picture of perhaps the tallest woman with the shortest woman (me), but I was too shy. I think I literally came up to her waist.

Lots of people want to make money off their blogs. Quite a few already do. For some reason this depresses me.

Several people have had bad things happen to them because of issues or people they talked about on their blogs. This also depresses me.

No one knows me. I know no one. This depresses me too, although since I remain largely anonymous, can't really be helped.

I'm fighting a migraine, which really bums me out and makes me not terribly approachable or socially outgoing.

It wasn't all depressing. They gave out candy bars at 5pm, I made it my mission to get as much free stuff as possible and did fairly well, although I missed the gorillapods. Sigh. I did pick up a full container of Method olive oil body wash at the recycling station. Score! Totally made up for the $31 parking fee.

I saw the real (so to speak) Grover and Abby Cadaby in the Sesame Street Suite. I was sad that the boys weren't with me and I missed them. I also saw several mothers with infants and missed my infants, who are not infants any more.

I also saw the Michelin Man. He looks just like his picture, and I suspect he's not a man.

The lady at the Intuit financial makeover place looked lonely. Looking at their materials, I was encouraged to ask her a question about my business, so I asked her, "How do I make more money in less time?" She laughed, but didn't have an answer. I suppose if I'd asked her a question she could answer, I would've gotten a pair of the fuzzy slippers they had stacked up under the table.

I saw the HP guy give a chick a t-shirt from behind the table, so I went up and started talking to him about his touch screen, just so I could get a t-shirt. too. It felt slightly dirty. Not the t-shirt, which I'm wearing right now, but the behavior. It was a cool screen, though. Sold me, if I had the money.

There was a fashion show on Union Square, and I got to the plaza above the parking garage early enough to see the models show up for a walk-through. They were quite tall and insanely skinny, and I thought, how absurd is it that we pick that kind of body type to display clothing so we can sell clothing to lots of people, when no one I know looks like that naturally.


Thumper said...

Hey, at least you're there. I live like 40 miles from SF and I'm not there. I wouldn't know anyone either (well, I kinda know a few who are there but I don't KNOW them) and I'm just shy enough that I'd hang back and just watch everything.

I wish I'd known it was going to be in SF early enough to figure out exactly what BlogHer is, and to make plans to go...

Tricia said...

I was told by a very reliable source (my MIL) that Michelin Man's name is Bebe which is pronounce Beeb. Hmph.

Who woulda' known he had a name?

I totally thought you knew lots of people. Thanks for being so sweet about me all over the internet and all...

gwendomama said...

LUNASEA (aka c--leen)

YES she had a tag on that said LUNASEA and was all 'umm...what?' when i said HAI ITS GWENDOMAMAM DUDE LIKE ME IN THE FLESH and you/she were/was all 'oh huh? right. you. whatever. you boring in person woman.'
and i was all 'you are one suckfest in person you big poseur' and then she tripped me and i got up and suckerpunched her. i CANNOT BELIEVE y'all didn't hear bout THAT dramafest which made jenny and heather look like sistahs.
most or some of that story is true.
email me and then i can email you in person. or did i already? did you get the party invite? i am giving you another chance in person.

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