Friday, November 14, 2008

Felt Board

I have decided that the key to my sanity during the upcoming 18-hour train ride is to make a felt board. Perhaps you've seen these.

Felt Board

Yes, this is it. This will save me, I'm sure of it. Like Colorforms, but made of felt and work better than Colorforms, which are crappy these days, frankly. The Colorforms I had as a kid were probably made with lead but stuck WAY better and lasted longer.

Once I got the idea, there was no stopping me. I busted the doors of our craft store and bought up all their felt. So far I've covered two damaged chalkboards from a local outlet with light blue felt and have made an autumn tree kit and a build-your-own snowman kit. I still have to do penguins (Ben's latest obsession) and figures for the Gingerbread Boy story. Maybe a farm scene - they seem to be very popular with the felt board people these days.

The boys better play with these for hours, that's all I have to say.


brandii said...

ooh I used to have a felt board in my sunday school class (when I was a kid) I remember making all the manger animals float in the air on it.

I bet they'll love it!

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

I LOVE these! I have been considering making one... now I might just have to!

gwendomama said...

ZOMGZ - I was SO freaking out ALL DAY until I came back and read this AGAIN and realized that you did not make this FOR the trip (I'm thinking:omg that woman can PACK!) but are making it ON the trip.

I feel better.

I like myself again.

And I LOVE you again. and even more.

Oh yes, on a sane and realistic parenting note: Felt boards ROCK. We don't have that lovely homemade variety, but an equally lovely-because-loved hand-me-down house variety felt board and they love it. Still.

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