Thursday, November 06, 2008

He Must be Photosynthesizing*

My tweet from this morning: "A. asked if he could 'finally have a balanced lunch' this a.m. Told me it had to include protein, vitamins, calcium and carbon dioxide."

Turns out all the kids eat lunch on a placemat that features the four main food groups. In true Montessori fashion, they are to sort the various components of their lunch by placing them on the food group that matches best. I usually give him a PB&J (with organic pb and organic fruit spread on whole wheat bread, of course) which is hard to sort on the placemat as it encompasses 3 of the 4 groups.

I finally figured out that the "carbon dioxide" group is actually carbohydrates, and sent him with sliced turkey, yogurt, apple slices and whole wheat goldfish. And milk in his thermos, which he begged for and didn't drink. Four separate food groups in four separate containers. Hope he's finally happy.

*Thanks to Noel for the most rational explanation.


LemonySarah said...

I've been giggling over this since you posted the punch line on facebook.

Which reminds me, you've got some overdue NaBloPoMo assignments, no?

Noel said...

LOL. You're welcome.

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