Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

For these, I give thanks:

We have plenty of food, are never without shelter or anything we really need. I have fulfilling work, get to work my schedule around the boys', and have been able to spend their childhoods with them.

We have been so lucky with our health. Even slamming my head into concrete only resulted in a couple days in the hospital. Ben came pretty close to being stillborn, but was resuscitated and is fine. We're so blessed.

I have a fabulous extended family. Wonderful sisters, fantastic nieces and nephews and stunningly beautiful and sweet great-nephews. I really have an amazing family. I actually like them, too.

Prozac. Seriously. My brain is full of destabilizing earthquakes off anti-depressants, and my brain is much closer to fine on them. Thanks, Eli Lily.


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