Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Always Sensitive

I'm a little embarrassed by how funny I find the problem the state of Nebraska is having with kids of all ages being dropped off under the "Safe Haven" laws (BTW - you only have until Friday, hurry!).

When I used to work as a mental health clinician with the police, I encountered lots of parents trying to give their kids to CPS or the police because they were "unmanageable." This isn't a new problem. We'd tell parents, "You're not allowed to abandon your children," and oddly, that phrase never seemed to solve the problem.

This just in: People who have no business having kids have them anyway.


Our Sunday paper was missing yesterday. I called and got another delivered.

This morning, we were given another copy of yesterday's Sunday paper and, as a bonus, a Chinese language paper that we're guessing is also the Chronicle...except in Chinese.

Either we got a new carrier, or I didn't tip enough last time.


Hey, you wanted me to post daily.


gwendomama said...

i know, inappropriately laughing over here.

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