Sunday, February 04, 2007

Getting Ready for V-Day

A. is a true romantic at heart. He has been unbelievably focused on making valentines this week. I really thought he'd make three or four and then get bored, and it never occured to me that he would make a handmade valentine for everyone in his class, let alone our family and friends, but he can't stop. In fact, he got so into it last night that he didn't stop to go potty until it was too late. Good thing it was bath night.

He could not be prouder of his valentines. He knows which one goes to which person, and, a true gentlemen, made hearts for all the girls first. Since we took this picture, he's probably made 5-6 more. I bought a kit of 30, and it looks like I might have to get more.


Boobless Brigade Master said...

Awwww....he's a arteest in training!

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