Friday, February 16, 2007


A few years ago, when I decided to stop living beyond my means, I discovered the library. What a place! They'll let you take books home, for free, and read them! And all they ask is that you bring it back. Who knew?

They also have CDs - I currently have 2 Diana Krall, 1 Frank Sinatra and 1 Dean Martin in rotation. On Valentine's Day G turned on the CD player in our room to set the mood. "Really? Lullabies?" I asked. He shrugged. Fortunately I had one of the Diana Kralls nearby.

G is hopeless when it comes to music. It's odd, because he has a good ear for it. We were remembering old TV shows and I brought up the "Bob Newhart Show," G immediately started humming the theme song, and in my mind's eye there was Bob, walking through Chicago with his briefcase. He can also hum, on demand, almost any commercial theme you can think of, like the DeBeers diamond music. It's weird.

He's liked the music I've introduced him to well enough, but it's just not that important to him. He also doesn't read fiction, which to me is the weirdest thing EVER. He'll read professional psychology books sometimes and he brought the Windows manual on a camping trip once, but I've never seen him buy a book just to enjoy it. How I ended up with a guy who doesn't read I'll never know. But that's Love. He also doesn't surf the web.

Anyway, when I met him, he had about 10 CDs to his name, and 3 of them were by Yanni. One was John Tesh. Another was Jon Secada. Poor guy. And here comes me with over 500 CDs of pretty much every genre, knowing the lyrics on pretty much all of them. Needless to say, I picked out all the music for our wedding.

Today he went to Borders to look for a book (a professional book), and actually bought a music CD. I don't know that he's bought a CD for himself since I've known him (11 years this month). He brought home this one: Frank Sinatra. Which really surprised me. Turns out it was playing while he was browsing and he asked what was playing. It was actually a really romantic move for him, I thought. Very unusual. Way to shake things up. It's a great CD. And we don't have to give it back in 2 weeks.

During dinner, I was singing along with "It's Almost Like Being in Love," and he said, "You really know the words to these songs?"

I stared at him. "Don't you?"

"Well, I've heard them before, but I don't know them."

"Guess it's all the Lawrence Welk I watched growing up."

His grandma watched LW too, but I guess it didn't stick. He can't figure out, however, why I can't remember numbers. Why I tell people who ask that our jogging stroller was $200 when it was actually $300. I really can't keep numbers in my head and he'll look at me like I'm crazy. And all I have to say to that is, "Dude. Before you met me all you knew was Yanni."

On a completely unrelated note: Diet Coke with Splenda. Blegh. I was forced to buy a case when they were out of my Caff-free Diet Coke. It was Not Good. And I'm not all that picky when it comes to my diet colas. So be forewarned.


Carrie said...

I've recently been introducing Paul to 70's roller rink music. How he missed that entire genre is beyond me. He knows a lot of music but none of the truly cheesy 70's stuff. I consider it my duty to our marriage.

And yeah--Diet Coke with Splenda is just nasty. Those people who say it tastes the same are lying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I watched Lawrence Welk growing up as well! It was like a religion in my family. All 5 of us kids played an instrument in the school band, and a couple of us actually got the singing gene as well.

Alas, I was the only one to become a music teacher and pro singer!

I can't even imagine not having music in my life. And I pop out lyrics as well. So glad to find another person with that musical gene.

Dont worry about Yanni-boy. Tell him that music is all about numbers, and you are doing just FINE!

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