Friday, November 30, 2007

And For Our Last Day...

of NaBloPoMo, I say a Happy Birthday to Big Nephew.

And I offer you another frightening toy. The boys received this little talking ornament from their grandmother. When it arrived last year, I looked at his ragged coat and crooked belt and said, "Wow, Santa looks like he's been on a bender." Then we pressed his belly and he talked, and the image was complete.


Gary Oxford said...

Wow. I always wondered what Krusty the Klown's big brother did when he got out of rehab. Congrats on a successful NaBloPoMo.

Sarah O. said...

Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Congrats on getting through NaBloPoMo! I've thoroughly enjoyed your daily posts.

Melissa said...

Ok that was just creepy! :D

Glad you like the "Yatta!" badge! Congrats!

Carrie said...

OK, Paul and I would totally send that as a joke to someone because that is pretty funny. But I'm guessing the grandmother was serious. I'd have to keep it until the boys are older just so they can fully enjoy the humor.

And congrats on a successful month!

HeyItsBeej said...

Um. Yeah.

"Holy shit" just doesn't seem strong enough.

Holy shitcookiesmistletoe? Hmmm, better.

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