Friday, September 19, 2008

How I Know My Son Will Support Us In Our Old Age

Overheard this morning:

A: OK, Ben. You get 4 "Where's the babys" for half a dollar. Go get half a dollar out of your piggy bank and I'll do 4 "Where's the babys."*

Ben: OK! (runs to his piggy bank and shakes all the loose change out of it).

Me: A., you're not making Ben give you money to play with him, are you?

A (shrugging): Well, I want money. He wants to play "Where's the Baby?"

(to Ben): See how much money you have left? You're still rich!

Apparently he's training to be a mortgage broker.

*Ben likes to pretend to be a baby, crawls into the sleeping bag, and A. calls out "where's the baby?", peeks into the sleeping bag and says, "There he is!" Maybe we didn't play enough with Ben as a baby, I don't know.


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