Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Because

Things that piss me off:

1. The Land Rover owner in my office building who routinely takes up two spaces right in front of the door with his/her one vehicle.

2. The sign at the self-serve fro yo place (that I'm now addicted to) that says, "We no longer accept tips on credit card payments. Please tip us in cash." Did I mention it was self-serve?

3. Finally catching the cold my family has had for the last week, after successfully fighting it off for the last week.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't help you with the flu. I think it's the very first affliction of the year beginning to creep around.
The Land Rover - leave a very very polite cold note.
Yogurt - do they have chocolate and orange? For a combination like that I can overlook a lot.

Lunasea said...

Yesterday they had chocolate and creamsicle - pretty close, yeah? As well as mango, original tart (my fave) and a bunch of other weird ones.

Oh, I'm not going to stop going there, and I'm nice and all, but as someone who once actually waited tables for tips, c'mon - asking for tips at a self-serve? For WHAT, exactly?

Deirdre said...

Yogurtland? Pink Berry? Love those type of places - no such thing here!

Lunasea said...

It's called Yogurtouille (I think like ratatouille). I'm so glad fro yo is coming back.

Jess said...

Self-serve frozen yogurt? That sounds delicious and dangerous.

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