Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fired Up! Ready to Go!

Today we marched in Small-City-Near-Us' parade. We were part of the Obama '08 group. We asked the boys if they wanted to march in a parade, and naturally, they were all for it. They don't refer to him as "Rock of Bama" anymore, instead, he's now the Irish cousin, "Rock O'Bama."

It was a long wait to start the parade. The boys took a rest under the sign:

Cute 3-year-olds for Change:

Aidan, Ben, their handlers (me and G.) and the other kids in the group got pushed to the front to lead.

So this was our view for all of the parade:

I was never in band, so it was a new curiosity when parents, dressed in black and white like the band members, would jump in among the flag bearers whenever the marching stopped. The parents had baggies full of ice and fruit chunks, and some had spray bottles. They hand-fed the flag holders pieces of ice and fruit and sprayed water in their mouths. I opened my mouth, but no one sprayed water in it.

We'll have to remember that trick for the next parade.


Sarah O. said...

Hooray for you!

We have the very last "Obama/Biden" bumpersticker in Boulder on our car. Which is too cool for words.

I'd put a sign in our yard if only the grass I planted after it all died would germinate. We're still the Bad Neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Mama I Love You,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the things you gave us,

Anonymous said...

Dear Lovely Lunasea,
With just having gotten home from running the boys in the park, and with Ben still packin a load which I have yet to attend to, seeing Ben in the photo with his sign asking for "Change" took on a whole new meaning!

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