Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kinda Resistant, Kinda Not

Yesterday: Ben announces loudly as he gets out of the car in the preschool parking lot: "I'm just going to check this out." In other words, "I am in no way committed to staying here." When he was welcomed into the room, he put his lunch box on the shelf and didn't look back.

Today: Ben screams the entire way in the car to preschool, "Go home! Go home!" That doesn't work, so he switches tactics. "I'm too young! I'm too young for preschool! Mama, tell the teacher I'm too young!"

"No, because I think you're just right for preschool. If you want to tell her that, go ahead."

So as soon as the teacher opened the door, he begins yelling, "Lisa! I'm too young! I'm tooooo yooooung!" Other kids were sobbing, but he was trying to argue his case and maybe find a loophole.

Lisa smiled, asked for a hug, which was perfect because Ben has never turned down a hug, so he complied, went to put his lunchbox on the shelf and didn't look back.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Beastarzmom said...

I see law in somebody's future!

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