Monday, October 25, 2004

More Nightmares

A. may have had his first nightmare last night. He hasn't woken up crying in months, but there he was, sobbing, at 6:30am. So G. brought him into our bed. He crawled over to me, laid across my chest with his head on my left shoulder and his shoulder in my neck, then sacked out again in that position. It was sweet and quite uncomfortable at the same time.

We've been quite stressed here in the Lunasea household. We decided to move our office to a location closer to our home. It's a great big beautiful office, and a shorter commute, but I had to tell my clients today that I was moving my practice. For some of them who drive, it's no big deal and they'll follow me there. For others, including a high schooler whom I've seen for over a year, it means the end of our work together, which made me very sad. Professionally, it's a good move. Personally, I'm connected to these people and I'm sad.

We're watching Larry King interview John Kerry's daughters. And besides being distracted by the huge LiteBrite behind him, I'm noticing the blonde one (Vanessa?) has some kind of large writing on her right forearm. Anyone know what that is? I thought it might be triathalon numbers, but those are usually on the upper arm. If it's a tattoo, what the heck is it supposed to be?

Apropos of nothing, my niece got a tattoo of a crescent moon with stars wrapped around it on her big toe when she was 18, and 10 years later it looks like Chiquita Banana. (I thought it looked like Chiquita Banana from the very beginning, but she finally sees it now, too). She's considering pretending it's a gang symbol so she can get it removed for free. The Banana Gang.

Wow, Clinton looks skinny. He almost looks frail. I wish he'd timed his bypass a bit later, like after the election, or two years ago. A bit of bad planning on the part of his body. 'Course, his body is no stranger to bad planning.

"I'm Chiquita Banana and I've come to say,
You better get the hell outta my way." Heh heh.


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