Monday, October 04, 2004

So...what's new with you?

I haven't been writing much because I feel like freakin' crap and only want to write about how I feel like freakin' crap. And that's not very exciting. But just in case you want to know, I'm exhausted, sleepy, nauseated, itchy-nosed and now I've got a cold. I thought the worst thing was my stupid nose - I was wrong. The worst thing is the scratchy throat that makes me gag with each breath.

I feel like G. should be wheeling me outside to enjoy the sunshine in a wheelchair with an afghan over my lap.

Cute things: Took A. to ToysRUs recently and was brave enough to enter the Thomas aisle. He pointed at one of the thousand members of Thomas' family and said, "Cowbell! Cowbell!" Huh? I picked up the coach he was pointing at and it turned out the coach's name was Clarabell. I'm pretty sure he can't read yet, but still, how smart is he?

All day yesterday we had a big pile of diapers in the middle of our family room floor. A. decided that's where they should be, and took great umbrage at any attempts to remove the pile. In fact, we discovered that he not only knows the phrase, "Stop it!"; he also knows the phrase, "Leave 'lone! No! Leave 'lone!" I think he got that one from my telling him to leave the VCR alone. He keeps trying to play our Frank Sinatra CD in the VCR. We have to check it now before we try to put a tape in.

P.S. Spell checker wants to replace "freakin'" with "foreskin." I think we should take this as a commentary on circumcision.


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