Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Pat Could Ask G_d to Make Ben Take a Nap

If Pat Robertson has such a direct connection with the Big Guy, why doesn't he ask him to BE A LITTLE MORE SPECIFIC??? That'd really help a lot. Thanks.

Ben is not 2 years old yet and wants to give up his nap. Everything I've read says he needs a nap. Also, since our travels he's gotten out of his usual sleep routine and wants us to rock him to sleep every night. I've gradually been working that from rocking to patting, from patting to standing near the crib, etc. Now I can stand in the doorway while he's falling asleep, but I have to stay there. Any slight move on my part will make him scream. If he just complained for 5-10 minutes, I'd be fine with it, but he doesn't. He gets hysterical for up to an hour (I've tried it). Really, really hysterical. And when I go in there, he's sweaty, red, tear-streaked and it breaks my heart. Once he even threw up. But this is ridiculous. When I'm by myself because G is working late, I can't stand in his doorway all night - I have to get A. to bed, too. It sucks.

But he is a true charmer. Here I quickly caught a photo of him complaining about nap time:

But once he saw the camera, he was all smiles:

Kid LOVES having his picture taken. He'll even say: "Take picture Benj-min. Take picture Benj-min." He's one of those kids with whom it's really, really hard to stay mad.


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