Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So Perhaps Knitting Isn't for Me

I'm trying, I'm really trying. Some of my favorite bloggers are knitters, and I'm really trying to get into it. After seeing these sweaters at Squeaky Weasels I got all remotivated. I mean, LOOK at that second one. That first sweater looks totally like something I would wear, but the second one I would have to hang on my wall and admire it. I wouldn't wear it because I'd get my fingers all caught up in those holes and rip out the darn thing the first day, but damn! Isn't it beautiful?

Anyway, I'm having a hard time with the knitting. I watched some knitting how-tos on the 'net, and did manage to cast this thing on myself. Until then, my MIL had to do it for me, but you know, she's in another state so that's not really very convenient. I don't get the pleasure of it. How do you keep those needles moving so fast? I either have to work the thing in to the loop with butter because it's so tight, or it's way too loose. On the plus side, I think I may have invented some new stitches.


weasel said...

Shut your mouth! You can do this. The joy and the zen of it comes from teaching your fingers that little knit stich so that they know it so well they can do it without you. That's what every stitch is in the beginning, practice and training for that magic that happens when you'll find yourself looking up at the TV more and more often and looking at your knitting less and less. Relax and just make loops. And get yourself a circular needle (those are easier to manage than wielding two ginormous, heavy sticks full of stitches). PS, I think casting on and those first few rows are the hardest part of any project -- and you did those already! Yay!

Carrie said...

At least you've started the process. I bought a "learn to knit" starter kit and made it a goal for 2006 to learn to knit. And so far I have 1) stared at it sitting on the hearth, mocking me 2) moved it from the hearth to the guest room and back about three times and 3) almost actually read through the how-to guide once. I want to learn, I really do. Maybe 2007 is my big year for knitting.

Anonymous said...

I'm with weasel - it will happen. And the finished products just get nicer and nicer, which adds to the joy. And I'm becoming a fan of the circular needles, but can't say I love them yet.
But keep trying - and congrats on the casting on! First step done!
(G/B doesn't like me for some reason, so I'm anonymous this time, I guess. But I'm really not...)

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