Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is It 2007 Already?

I love New Year's. I love fresh starts, goal planning, office supplies and all that stuff. I think I would make a great coach if I were more organized. I know lots of people hate resolutions, but I like the idea of always working toward improvement, as long as you're not thinking life will suddenly begin once your goals are met.

All the big goals I once wrote down on a piece of paper have been reached. I finished my dissertation, I got married and had kids, I own a house. I am much more in control of my spending, and the credit card debt I racked up in grad school is almost completely gone. We've cut our expenses so that I am able to work part-time while the kids are little (it's a good thing our kids are brilliant and will be earning full scholarships for college to become doctors and will also be supporting us in our old age, though).

I eat more whole grains, less sugar, and I cook more. I pay all my bills well before they're due. I play with the kids every day. I have an iPod.

So before I think about what needs to be improved, I want to give myself a big pat on the back for all these changes. (Not that I had anything to do with the iPod, except be fortunate with my choice of sisters and husband).

OK, so now, as I look back to last year, I see that I wrote "I need...more energy and organization." What a coincidence! That's exactly what I was thinking I was going to focus on THIS year!

Hah. So, my goals essentially are to have more energy through exercise and nutrition, and to streamline my routines to save time and energy. To that end, here are my smaller goals:


Keep calories under 1600, or points under 21.
Gym or walking outside 3x/week.
Yoga 2x/week.
Lights out before 11pm.
No recreational shopping (Buy only what I need)


Return calls w/i 24 hours
Progess notes done same day as appointment
All billing done monthly, including paper claims (instead of just the ones I can do on-line).
CE units done by end of summer


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