Thursday, January 04, 2007

Language Skills

Ben, over oatmeal: I wan' read paper! I wan' read paper!

Me: You want to read the paper? The newspaper?

Ben: Yeah!

Me: OK, how 'bout you look over the business section? (set it in front of him)

Ben: Yeah! (studies it intently)

Few minutes later:

Me: When you're done, it's time to go night-night.

Ben. No. I go night-night right here. (proceeds to demonstrate)

Ben: Take picture A! Take picture A! (once I brought the camera out, he wanted me to take a picture of A.)

Me: How 'bout you try not being so controlling? Hmm?

Ben: Yeah. :::pause::: Mama! How 'bout take picture A!


Rebecca said...

Too adorable for words. :)

Sarah O. said...

Yes! Now you've got two sources of wonderful conversation! Well, three, assuming G. talks, too.

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