Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tonight, A. was telling his grandmother about his calendar that helps him "know what week it is." Then, completely randomly, he asked her, "Have you ever seen two 51-year-olds on top of each other?" I don't know how she answered.

In completely unrelated news, we went to Lowe's to look at bathroom tile, and I decided that I don't like home decorating. I feel like I should, since everyone else seems to. love the result (usually), and I really appreciate a well-appointed room, but I hate the process. If we were to build a custom house, I would probably end up gouging my eyes out just to stop having to look at swatches and tiles and samples. I get bored watching the home renovation shows on HGTV. I do watch Extreme Home Makeover, but I'm much more interested in the people's stories and am happy to watch just the reveal. That would actually be a perfect setup for me....send me to Hawaii or Disneyland and have it done when I come back.


Beej said...

Reading A's little ditties convinces me more each time that somehow, they're related. At the very least, there's some brain sharing going on.

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