Thursday, March 06, 2008

From the House of Sick

Lunasea was first down the runway with an unexpected and dramatic Stomach Flu de Diablo, and she apparently is slated to follow that up with a moderate head cold, but now we hear she is trying to exit the show altogether! We have exclusive video of Lunasea screaming that she has fulfilled her sickness contract for the week with her first appearance and is flat-out refusing to do any more sick time. We'll keep you updated with the latest on the divalicious fight.

G. made his appearance with a moderate, but just-this-side-of-staying-home, head cold. He's showing his trademark body aches and coughing. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but still a solid showing.

A. slid into the show at the last minute, getting sent home with a headache on Monday, but couldn't compete with Lunasea's dramatic, gut-wrenching spotlight. He followed up with the head cold we're seeing so much of this season, but is still working on getting to the head of the pack, illness-wise. Consistency over drama is what we see with this young man.

With a late start, Benjamin has come from behind and taken the lead with a full-blown flu. His semi-high fever blew the rest of the contenders out of the sick bay. Being a relative newcomer, he gets the opportunity to use his youth to his advantage, not only getting up at 4:30am, but forcing the rest of the team up as well. You can bet the team, especially our desperately-trying-to-be-flu-resistant diva, Lunasea, is not happy with this turn of events.


Sarah O. said...

I'm not happy with any of these events. It's bad enough when the kids are sick. Add sick Hubby to the mix and, oh dear. Add sick Mom and it's time to bring in the Red Cross.

Wish I were closer and could at least pick up a couple gallons of milk for the Lunasea family.

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