Friday, March 28, 2008

Ya Gotta Reach for the Stars, or Something Like That

I like goals. They keep me focused.

I used to carry around a list in my planner. It read:

1. Get married.
2. Have children.
3. Own a house with a garden.
4. Finish my dissertation.
5. Have a happy life.
6. Be organized.
7. Have healthy habits.

So, I'm still not so organized, but everything else is checked off. When I started digital scrapping, I wanted to get one of my layouts in a scrapping magazine. Check.

I wanted to win some sort of local recognition for my blog. Check.

I tend to have very specific goals, and once I reach them, I'm good. I didn't get involved in the competitive sport that is scrapbooking, I just met my goal and then stopped. I didn't write a book, like my co-winner in that Parent's Press contest, I just write a blog. I don't pimp for comments, I don't market my blog, I just write and some people read, and that's awesome. But now, I have a new goal.

I want my blog to be listed on Guy Kawasaki's aggregate site, Alltop. One of the cool things about his site is that it has a group of daddy blogs. I'm not sure why I want to be on this list. I just do. So I sent an e-mail, and if you want me on there, you could, too, by shooting an e-mail to What the hell. I mean, I gave you three posts in one day, right?


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