Monday, March 31, 2008

A New One

I believe today is the first day I've gotten a hit from this Google search: "eating dead ants while pregnant."

Sometimes I really want to find the people who search for this stuff. I'd love to find the guy/chick who was searching way back when for "fox news legs crossed problem." It piqued my interest and I found myself searching for the same thing - surely someone out there knows what the problem is?

I wanted to contact today's searcher and ask if they realized the black specks in their food were dead ants only after they'd eaten about half of it, and that's why they turned to the internet, or if they had a craving for dead ants and were tired of ignoring it. I've heard of pica showing up in pregnant women, but not for dead ants. Why dead? Why not live? They'd die pretty quickly anyway, right?


Sarah O. said...

You get some excellent search hits. Mine, well, you know what mine are like. I got one the other day for "sarah o fish". As expected, it came from Southeast Asia, where a high percentage of unusual searches originate.

Anyway, I'll hesitate before ordering a Filet O Fish.

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