Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Wow, has it really been a week?

So I have a question. My new cell phone has a camera! Yes, I realize that everyone's does, but it's still new to me because I am in the dark ages about cellular technology. Is e-mailing a photo to myself the only way to get it off the camera and on to my computer? Because I can't do that. So I have a really cute picture of A. holding hands with his little girlfriend going down the double slide at the park but you'll need to be beside me to see it. With a magnifying glass.

Some Springy Crafts:

Got this one from Family Fun magazine. Can't find it on their website yet. How cute are these guys? You take a nylon stocking, put a tablespoon of grass seed in the toe, a couple of scoops of planting soil on top, tie a knot and put them upside down in decorated yogurt containers about half full of water. About a week later, hair! And a few weeks later, they look like this.

Here's Ben with the Easter Bonnet he made himself from a paper bowl. I painted the whole thing with glue, gave him stickers and tissue paper and let him have at it:

And here are the cupcakes we made for A.'s school spring party. I felt like Ms.-Awesome-Stay-At-Home-Part-Time-Mom showing up with these homemade decorated things. Probably would have been a better picture if I'd taken them out of the tins, but sheesh. I'm not a perfectionist.

And finally, another how-cute-is-this? picture. This is Ben upon blowing out the candles on his cupcake on his "real" birthday. He was so excited.


Anonymous said...

Wow, he is so darling! You sure do make the cutest home crafts! Yes, I did mean the boys. lol
About the phone, go back to where you bought it and get a minute with your sales person. My daughter sells phones and knows everthing about them. They will show you what to do and then I suggest you try it yourself so it fixes in your memory. When we only do something once and a while it sometimes doesn't stick real well. So try it in front of the salesperson.

Carrie said...

With my phone, I'm able to send pictures as a text message to my email address. It's not too difficult to do, although it took me a bit to realize that it was showing up in my spam folder and that I didn't need to keep spending 15 cents to email it to myself.

And I love the Easter bonnet. :)

Sarah O. said...

Honestly, you ARE Ms.-Awesome-Stay-At-Home-Part-Time-Mom!

Lunasea said...

But see, I don't know how to text! That's how in the dark ages I am. And we don't have a plan that includes texting, so I don't know if I can do it at all, or if they'd just charge me per message.

I don't even know how to download ringtones.

Carrie said...

Learning to download ringtones is an expensive thing I discovered hw to do. But who doesn't need "Voices Carry" as a ringtone? And Paul's favorite story is when my phone started blaring Twisted Sister's "We're not gonna take it" during communion. Oh, yeah. Good times.

Melissa said...

The way I do it -- I created a contact for myself at my e-mail address. Then I can send the picture to that contact. You can enter e-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers for a person's contact info. Good luck!

Anonymous said...
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