Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mama's All-Green Buffet

So we had the All-Green Buffet last night.

The menu included: tilapia with chermoula, spinach fettucine with pesto, green salad, Chinese Broccoli salad, and lime jello. I pride myself on not just adding food coloring to mashed potatoes. In fact, although I admit the green of the lime jello was probably artificial (you think?), our own little bottle of food coloring never left the cabinet. For appetizers we served guacamole, green grapes, olives and celery. All green, all evening.

Ben beamed like a little star when everyone sang happy birthday to him. At the end of the night he said, "I had a good birthday and now I'm going to sleep."

I was glad we didn't have to cancel.

Tonight A. set his leprechaun trap and has high hopes. He baited it with his own money. "We can be the first people ever to catch a leprechaun and we'll get our wishes granted and we'll be famous!"

Now if he'd just go to sleep so I can turn the milk green. Gotta get out the food coloring for that, I guess.

And, to finish off, I gave away CDs of Irish Music, which ended with Denis Leary's Traditional Irish Folk Song. Here's an interpretation from YouTube:


Deirdre said...

A lovely, lovely song.

The leprechaun trap is great as well.

HeyItsBeej said...

Hooray for green food party success! I can't believe B is such a big boy. When did that happen??

And dadblameit, I was going to post the same video today! LOL Since you did it first, would it be stealing if I did it without giving nod to you? Heh.

Lunasea said...

Beej: Yep, and unless you credit me with stealing the video first, I'm going to send my minions to get you. Oh, wait a sec. My minions are your minions too. That's not gonna work. Hhhmmmmph.

Carrie said...

I'm not clever enough to do things like an all-green buffet. We didn't even think to add food coloring to the beers we drank with dinner tonight. :)

Was the leprechaun trap successful?

Sarah O. said...

1. I am so impressed with the green food! The hard work was definitely worth it.

2. Ben is 3 already?!

3. Love the leprechaun trap. And A's statement.

4. I also have no head.

Anonymous said...
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