Monday, March 10, 2008


Dudes. I haven't been this sick since before A. was born. My fever is hovering between 102 and 103 and I can't sleep even with the nice Robitussen with codeine the doc gave me. Doc says I probably got 2-3 viruses back to back, which is why I got a little better and then a whole lot worse. I'm actually thinking of calling an emergency nanny service in the morning because if I'm not better, I ain't going to be taking care of the boys.

Oh, and, not to be left out I guess, G. has a double ear infection. Woo hoo team Lunasea!


Sarah O. said...

GOOD GRIEF! I want to fly out and smear disinfectant all over your house! Oh yeah, the babysitter idea sounds excellent.

Sarah O. said...

Still sick?

Still thinking of you!

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