Monday, April 28, 2008

A.'s Clown Academy

It's always a good time for underwear hats.

A. also shared his latest bit of genius:

Every day at recess, me and J. ask "Who wants to learn to be funny?" and every day one child wants to learn, so me and J. teach them to be silly. Today it was G. and we taught him to do silly things like cannonball into the sandbox.

So now he's holding playground seminars. I think they're free for now, but I wouldn't be surprised to find him charging for the privilege of private tutoring soon. He also claims he taught J. everything he knows and then hired him as his assistant.

Me: So who have you taught?
A: Lists off about 6 kids.
Me: Are you and J. the funniest kids in the class?
A: Yep. But I taught J. how to be funny. He didn't know before.

I asked if the teacher ever told him not to be silly, and he quickly changed the subject to his conviction that he was cheated out of a chicken nugget hot lunch this month. I tried showing him the hot lunch calendar, and showed him how I paid for all the planned chicken nugget lunches, but he really believes with all his heart that there is a conspiracy to deny him chicken nuggets to which he is rightfully entitled.

He's only 5 now, and I'm a little worried for our future, or should I say, my ability to win arguments in the future.


Sarah O. said...

Better sharpen your argument skills, my dear. A's already quite advanced.

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