Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Half-caf? HALF-CAF?

I did half-caf mochas when I was pregnant with Benjamin and I am NOT pregnant now. Give me double caf. Give me two of 'em.

I like the easy-going part, though. Do I seem easy-going?

And of course I'm always willing to compromise. DO I HAVE A CHOICE???


HeyItsBeej said...

Shall we change your Boobadeer name to CaffeinatedFullThrottleBoob?


Lunasea said...

Hah. Maybe just "Jittery Boob."

HeyItsBeej said...

WHAM! is now playing in my head with a slightly different song title...

:::snap, snap, snap:::

Lunasea said...

Oooh, it took me a couple days to get that. I must not be Stuck in the 80's anymore!

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