Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last Time I Write About T-Ball, I Promise

For Sale: One pair of little boys' Nike baseball cleats, size 11, worn once.

Yeah, t-ball's not going to happen. We're returning the pepperoni sticks tomorrow. Apologies to those of you who were getting your orders in.

We had a moment of hope when we discovered his friend D. was on the team. A. was excited to see D, but continued to refuse, though, saying, "I can see D. at school."

Now, the big dilemma is that A. is refusing to play soccer, too. This is the non-competitive soccer he's done for about 2 years, the one he has loved unconditionally, until this week. He sits on the grass and refuses all entreaties from the coach, his parents, his little brother, even the other parents, to join the rest of the kids on the field.

We tried stern, we tried taking his arm and dragging him out there (I don't recommend this one - we know it doesn't work, but we were sort of at a loss). We tried going out there and playing ourselves (and, may I say, I kicked the asses of the other 5-year-olds in the grab-the-tail game).
We tried threats. We sat there and discussed, between G and I, how sad we were that he was missing out on something he really liked to do. How sad it was that he wouldn't even try. How disappointed his friends on the team were. How confusing it all was since we knew he enjoyed soccer and was pretty good at it. How sad it was that he was just quitting without even trying.

He had an answer for everything. Fortunately, so do I.

A: "I already know how to do everything in soccer."
Me: "You are good, but you will lose all your skills if you don't keep playing. And to get to the next level, the 6-year-old level, you need to finish this level."

A: "Lots of kids at school don't even try. "
Me: "And I don't think that's a good way to be."

A: "I can learn all about soccer at home."
Me: "No, you need a coach. And people to play against who don't share your DNA."

He's telling us that he's scared of the coach, which I don't buy because he's had a different coach for all three previous sessions and it hasn't been a problem before. I introduced him to the coach, who was very nice and they high-fived each other. Benjamin even told him that the coach was nice (Ben has the same coach for the morning session). He did have a particularly good coach last time, who unfortunately disappeared into the Kidz Soccer ether.

We're frustrated because we really don't want this to become a habit.

In News on Ben's Bowels: Had a visit with the pediatric gastroenterologist today. We basically have to induce diarrhea in our once-a-week boy, so that he can't withhold anymore. This will hopefully break the habit of withholding. Then we back off until the stool is a little more formed. I just thank God she's not a fan of enemas.

So the oldest son is being obstinate and younger son is clinging and whining and saying he can't get the poops out and demanding to be carried everywhere. Such is the glory of parenthood.


Boobless Brigade Master said...

Jeezy Creezy you've been busy!
Daisy had poopy-problems when she was a toddler, so I feel for you and him! Poor kid:(
As for the T-Ball situation...I say let it go.
Daisy went through dance, gymnastics, baton twirling, etc, etc, etc and some people balked at me for letting her quit each thing, and other's balked at me for not letting her quit when I didn't right away.
You're never going to be able to please everyone and it doesn't matter, because A is what matters.
Eventually, Daisy found her niche and A will too.
Perhaps he's just not going to be the athletic kid that other kids are...is he into music? Music lessons maybe? A chess club perhaps?
It will come and when it does, trust me...he will know and his joy for it will be obvious to you guys;)

Lunasea said...

Hey BBM, if you check back in - I can't get into your blog! :( I wanna know how it's going with Rammer Hammer!

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Sorry! I need your email address to invite you?? Pegglett@aol.com

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