Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Perfect Sunday

I came across A.'s to-do list for last Sunday:

Waic up
eet brecfis
brush teef
woch hanumaleu (Animalia)
red bucs
eet is creem
eet lunch
do crafs
woch tv
eet dinr
go too sleep

Eating ice cream, snuggling and doing crafts? Sounds like a perfect Sunday plan.

What's kind of amazing about the way he wrote his list is that every single letter than can be written backwards (except "n," for some reason) is written backwards. He also informed me that he has decided to write all his words without any silent letters. Terrific. My little anarchist.


HeyItsBeej said...

Oooh, I have a counter for the "no silent letters" thing: when you read aloud what he writes, say it as it's written (mispronounce). When he corrects you, tell him "But A, I can't read it properly if it's not written properly." Hee hee.
(I don't mean the creative spelling stuff (he'll work through that eventually) but rather the words where he intentionally leaves out the silent letters.) Is he writing the other letters backwards on purpose too?

Lunasea said...

No, he really doesn't notice the backwards letters. We'll have to see if that continues. I think he's just more interested in content than readability.

Good idea - I did that when he was not putting spaces in between the words, and it worked. He gave in to the establishment on that one.

HeyItsBeej said...

Kev started saying "Well as long as I can read it, then it's fine." I countered with, "If you want to communicate, you need to do it so the other person can understand."

He's a twit. LOL

Sarah O. said...

Your little anarchist is the sweetest thing!

Lunasea said...

:) yeah, he's a good guy.

Beej, that's just what A. said to me. "But I can read it, and I'll read it to you!"

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