Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy Father's Day!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot to mention this! Pudding Pops are back! I looooved these with a love that was probably unnatural. I saw them in the freezer case and, although I didn't buy them because they don't fit with my new low-sugar lifestyle, I was comforted by their return. Strangely, their return was very low-key - you'd think with all the petitioning and so forth going on requesting their return, Kraft would have have made a bigger deal out of it. They don't even have them on their website. Maybe they didn't want to cause riots.

We went to Sonoma today for Dad's Day. A. wore a cute little T-shirt. They were selling a turkey bbq plate in the plaza for $12. Yikes. So we got sandwiches at the Cheese Factory and ate by the playground. A. found a slide that was just his speed (i.e. slow), but it must have given him some gumption because my normally cautious little boy tried over and over to hurl himself headlong into the duck pond.

Much too quick Shout-Out to G., the best father in the universe. According to A., no one is as funny as Papa, and no one chases him quite as well. No one else buys him Thomas the Train Engine and his whiny pal Percy with tracks just because he loves them so. G. lets me sleep in because it makes me a happier person, he makes dinner when I work late, and he lets A. crawl all over him, dump his desk drawer all over the floor and make random calls on his cell phone. He's a great dad.


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