Wednesday, June 30, 2004


I think my child is color-blind. I really do. He's learned everything we've taught him pretty well, he learns the names of things very quickly, can put ideas together to make up new 2-3 word phrases, and makes connections well. But he can't figure out colors to save his life. He knows that when asked what the color of something is, he should answer either red, blue, green, or yellow. He's even added purple to his list because it's what Jeff, his favorite Wiggle, wears. But he can't identify them at all. You ask him a color, and even if you've just shown him something blue and identified it as blue, and he's repeated it so you know he heard, he'll guess red. You'll say blue, and he'll repeat, "Blue!" like that's what he meant to say. You pick up another blue car and ask him what color it is, and he'll say "Yellow!" When I mention this to my mommy friends, they say, "Oh yeah, back when Aloisious was doing that, he said everything was green." Meaning, their kids are sooo over that. I think, "Good for Aidan for taking his time on things. He'll get it right when he's ready. Good for him for not buying into the kiddie competition!" And right after that, I think, "I just wish he'd do ONE thing first. Or even second." And I sigh, realizing that if I have to put pictures of animals on his clothing so he knows what goes with what (remember Garanimals?), well, it'll just be the burden I bear.


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