Thursday, June 10, 2004

"Rollin' Along With The Ramblin' Ramblings..."

1. Will someone please tell me what the secret is to keeping shorts and pants on little toddler boys? They won't stay up. The 12-month stuff is too tight, but the 18-month (and 24-month) fall down. Actually, the knit elastic-waist ones stay on OK, but denim and khaki are way too heavy and their heaviness just weighs the shorts down until poor little guy has turned into one of those kids with their crotches at their knees. Maybe I should just give up, put boxer shorts under the pants, stick a pick in his hair and be done with it.

2. Please retire "Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten" from all commencement speeches hereforth.

3. I take that back - keep "EIKILIK" and retire all student speakers. Also, no one cares what the President of the School Board has to say.

4. Look at this picture
And tell me it doesn't give you a headache. Thanks to Dan for that one.


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