Saturday, July 01, 2006

And We'll Have Fun Fun Fun.....

Guess what we're doing tomorrow? That's right! Starting out on a 12-hour road trip with two small children! Yee haw!

Pity us - we do not have a portable DVD player. If things get really hairy, I could pull out my laptop and they could watch the Thomas DVD I've snuck in my backpack. But the battery will only last so long and hey - remember when all we had on road trips was the AM radio??? I remember when my first Walkman delivered me from hours of the "Beautiful Music" my father insisted on listening to. It was paradise. I had a Motown mix tape.

It's actually only going to be 12 hours on the way back. On the way there, we're stopping at the Jelly Belly Factory and at Turtle Bay. Then we're staying in Ashland for 2 days. Usually we stay at this great B&B with the most amazing breakfasts we've ever had. And, unlike most B&Bs, they don't mind kids. This time, because we can't afford the B&B for two nights, we're staying at a Best Western with a pool. Then it's on to Portland on the 4th to see family. Lots of family. G's family and my family. Family 24-7. Fortunately, I love my family.

Here's a photo from the last time we did this. G was wedged into the backseat between Ben's infant seat and A's regular seat. Ben didn't like the car back then, so one of us had to wedge ourselves back there to entertain him. Let's all pray it's better this time. I'll have my laptop and I think my sister has a wireless network, so one way or another, you know I'll be online.


Sarah O. said...

You are brave people. Very, very brave people.

Keep us posted!

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