Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen (with a bonus Thursday Four)

I've enjoyed reading everyone's Thursday Thirteen, so I decided to join in.

Thirteen Ways I'm Low-Maintenance

1. I get my hair cut once a year, at most. Ignoring the pleas of hairdressers, I trim my bangs myself in between cuts.

2. I wash my hair with store brand 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner.

3. I've had professional highlights done once in my life, and afterward thought, "I just paid you $75 for highlights I can barely SEE?" I've never had my hair professionally colored. (But might soon: See What Color is My Hair? )

4. I still have plenty of barely-used makeup left over from my wedding 6 years ago. I really liked the Shu Uemura foundation I got but it's starting to separate. Probably should toss it, eh?

5. Maybelline mascara is the only makeup I wear regularly.

6. Does lip balm count as makeup? 'Cause I'm addicted to that, and if I'm really dressing up, I'll make it a tinted one.

7. I've never had a salon facial.

8. I get a pedicure once a year.

9. Last time I got a manicure was 6 years ago for my wedding.

10. I shave, don't wax. Occasionally I'll use Nair if I HAVE to. Try to avoid it, though. Stinky, icky stuff.

11. I use store brand all-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen on my face - only because my skin is dry and uncomfortable without it. Otherwise, I'd forget.

12. I do have a lipstick - MAC something-or-other. Bought it about 7 years ago.

13. I never blow-dry or style my hair. I'll put some anti-frizz stuff on it when it's drying but that's as far as I'll go. I do try to brush it everyday.

So there you have it. It's ironic that the time when I wore the most makeup and did the most with my hair (in my teens and 20's) was the time I needed it least.

I have red birthmarks on either side of my face along the jawline. My sister says they're forceps marks (which are supposed to fade). I used to work very hard at covering them up with that green concealer stuff and foundation. Now I don't bother. I enjoy the comments I get:

1. What's wrong with your face? (most often asked outright by children, but clearly wondered about by adults)
2. Looks like somebody slapped ya. (woman in gym locker room)
3. Did you get burned?
4. Is that contagious?


Ardice said...

I'm a low maintenance/ minimalist kind of gal too. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen.

My list is up. Have a wonderful day...

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

Welcome to the 13, they are fun aren't they?

As for lip balm, yes I consider it makeup, it's hard to beleive when I was in my late teens and early twenties (before 22, when I had my first baby) I lived wearing make-up, now its tough just to get a SHOWER every day! :D (Gotta love the kids)

armywife said...

lip balm is definately make up...tinted is even exotic. i've never had a facial or a pedicure. i adore hair dye though but never professionally. who has the kind of money to toss around like that when walgreens will sell it to me for $10?

i've posted 13 too at

Tracie said...

I'm with you on the low maintence thing--it is like a list that I could have written!

Waxing-ouch-I have never tried it, it looks too painful. It is plain old fashioned shaving for me!

My TT is up!

Raggedy said...

good list!
My TT is up too

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