Thursday, July 13, 2006

Whoa! There Goes Another Milestone

So the big deal this week is that A. started preschool. He's never been in preschool or daycare, so this was a very big event for all of us. But we tried our best to not make it seem like such a big deal. I told him, "The most important thing to remember is that if you have a question, ask the teacher. And use the potty if you have to pee or poop." I anticipated him just trying to figure everything out himself and not realizing that he could ask for help. I also anticipated him getting so involved with stuff that he didn't think about using the potty.

There were a few tears the first two days as we got dressed, but by the time we were at the school and standing in line, he was all for it. It was not as hard for me to see him go as I thought it would be, so I guess we were both ready. All morning on the first day, however, I wondered what he was doing and wishing I had a little "A. cam" so I could check in and see what was happening. It felt weird that he was having this big experience without me.

The first day both G. and I went together to pick him up, and he was so excited to tell us that he'd sat on a line and sang a song, listened to a book about fish (we seem to have an ocean theme going this session), and did his jobs. He said, "I had fun at school!"

The second day he was excited too - he'd sat on the line again and sang new songs (B-I-N-G-O but using N-E-M-O instead - he said, "they said they weren't going to sing the O or the Nemo but they did anyway.") I asked what some of the things were that the teacher told them to do, and he reported, "When you're finished with your snack you have to fold your napkin in front of you and listen to the rest of the story." That night he asked, "When can I go to school again?" Yay.

This morning, he said, "I want to go to school right now!" as soon as I awoke and I had to explain that we don't do anything until Mama has her coffee. Then in the car, he decided he'd rather go to the mall and whined a bit about that. I suggested he stop whining and he got over it.

No potty accidents, and today as I was dropping him off the teacher handed another mother a bag with wet clothes and said, "N. didn't make it to the bathroom in time yesterday." I was slightly appalled at the bit of superiority I felt.

The school's attitude is very "OK, we've got your kids now - go home." The parents don't go into the classroom at all and we're not supposed to visit and observe until after 6 weeks of adjustment time. But today I hung around the door a little to watch them start. Most of the kids were sitting on the line for circle time (except that the circle was actually a square so they really should call it "square time") and A. was sort of hanging around the teacher. The "circle" was getting a little crowded and I could tell A. wasn't sure where he'd fit.

The teacher said, "Are you going to sit on the line, A?" He replied, "Yes, but I don't know where you want me to sit." She said, "Oh, how about over there next to J?" I was pretty sure he didn't know who J. was, but I liked that he was so straight about it with her instead of hiding in a corner or wandering around looking lost. She smiled at me and said, "He's so cute. He's such a little man."

Yes, he is.


Marianne said...

::sniffle:: Aww!

Ani said...

I bet A's teacher will be talking about him for a long time, because he just is so very A.

And in other observations, what kind of little traitor is he?? Just skips away from mom and heads to preschool like that? What, are you nothing to him??

Sarah O. said...

What a wonderful story of A.'s first day at preschool.

I'm in tears.

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