Tuesday, July 25, 2006

blah blah blah hot hot hot

It's the kind of hot where all anyone can talk about is the heat. Today was only 100 degrees, relatively cool compared to the weekend. My hometown, about 20 miles away, reached 116 degrees on Saturday.

We've lost power twice over the weekend, and there are communities on their third full day without power, so I can't figure out why they keep threatening us with rolling blackouts. What the hell do they think is already happening? We had an impromptu science lesson where A. and I went through the house looking at the many things we can't use when the power's out.

We are among the few in the neighborhood with central a/c, but our poor machine is overtaxed and can't get the house below about 90 degrees. Still, it's much better than 114. We set it at 78 anyway, because it will keep trying if the thermostat is set there. If we set it to 75 or below, it gets overwhelmed and wallows in feelings of hopelessness.

To top it off, A. brought home his first preschool cold last week and shared it with Ben and I, which just seems unfair.

There's a reason I don't live in Arizona. My ancestors are a misty, boggy people and we don't do well in heat. If we can't wear our fisherman's knit sweaters or wool caps, we're not happy. Bring the fog back.


Beastarzmom said...

Oh my - same ancestors, but you can have my fisherman knit sweater. I'll take the sunshine and yes, the heat too, anyday!
(and that's why I live on THIS side of the hills!)

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Have you had your a/c checked for a refridgerant leak? And have you checked to see if the coil in your furnace is clogged?
I only ask because the same thing was happening here. My a/c ran 24/7 and never cooled my house down...and then it finally began to freeze over.
Turns out there was a leak, that was easily soddered apparently and someone at some point mixed up the doors on the furnace so all the crap (like dog and cat hair) was bypassing the filter and successfully going straight to the coil and clogging it, which made it freeze over.

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