Monday, July 03, 2006

There are many, many wonderful and fun things about having small children. Going on vacation and staying in a very small hotel room with them isn't one of those things.

As soon as we pulled the car out of the driveway, the "check engine" light went on. I hate that light because it doesn't give you a clue about what's wrong. We discussed moving all our things into the smaller car and decided against it. So we then dutifully pulled over, popped the hood and checked the engine. And still it wasn't happy. We went on, bravely ignoring the light.

It's been checked here in Ashland and has something to do with the catalytic converter, but the guy doesn't think it's a big problem so we can continue to ignore it.

We hit a rain storm over Mt. Ashland, which was surprisingly fierce. The boys got bored about half an hour into the trip. After lunch, they all fell asleep, including G., which meant I could push "repeat" on "Both Sides Now" as many times as I wanted to.

Ben refused to sleep last night. A weird crib and too many people in his room had him all ferklempt. We pulled him into our bed, and of course, then A. wanted to be in our small bed, too. This room is so small it doesn't even have a closet. We had to ask them to remove some of our furniture to fit the crib and cot in the room. Ben did finally fall asleep and slept for a whole five hours. We considered leaving for Portland immediately just so we could stick the boys in a different room. But we stayed and here we are, fighting Ben off the keyboard and trying to get A. to stop being the hotel's nude streaker.


Andrea Cox said...

Oh, I know what you mean about the Check Engine light, I hate that thing! Have a safe trip and don't let the streaker bare it all for too many folks :)

Boobless Brigade Master said...

Ohhh be careful!

Years ago I kept hearing a weird noise from my car and the Toyota dealership told me it was "just my catalytic converter virbating against something and nothing to worry about".
Thankfully, I pit-stopped at a girlfriends house and her handyman boyfriend informed that the "valves either needed to be adjusted or replaced" and that if I ignored the problem, the engine block would crack very soon and that conveniently, wouldn't be covered by my warranty."
Oh yes, I was very pissed at Toyota seeing as how my brand new car was only two months old.
And remember...the song says, "Love grows big in little places."
At least if I remember correctly, that's what it says.
Have fun!

Sarah O. said...

Luna! Are you there?

Surely you have tales of travel horror to tell us!

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