Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Luuuuucy, I'm hoooooome

This is called the Sundial Bridge. That large spire casts a shadow for three hours in the afternoon. In this picture it's 2:08pm. G and I both saw the shadow and said, "Oh, look, it works like a sundial." Pause. "Oooh, I get it."

This is a very large, inflated Jelly Belly. A. is standing in front of it for scale. It was a very windy day and Mr. Jelly Belly did the limbo a couple of times.

This is a portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger done entirely in jellybeans.

This is the bus that G's uncle rented to take the whole family on a tour of Portland addresses that are relevant to the family's ancestors. It was pretty interesting, considering I don't know who any of these people are. And air conditioned. And the food afterwards ROCKED.

A. learned to use the digital camera. He took this photo that he told us was of "Boys and Ivy." We did show him some actual poison ivy so he could avoid it, but I guess it didn't sink in.

This is A's view of the bridge we were standing on.

And here is a collection of other A.-composed photos. I'll spare you the outlets and switches, but what we have here include a photo of his 9-month-old cousin's head, toys, my sister's fireplace, G's legs, and the dishwasher. Click on it for a larger version.

And last, but not least: A self-portrait by A. I love that he took a picture of his foot.


Sarah O. said...

This post was so worth the wait! Wonderful pictures. I especially liked the Jelly Belly Schwarzenegger (my future governor - eeep) and A.'s photos.

Little kids love their feet. They love new shoes. They love things on the ground. One of the best parts of having little ones is rediscovering what's on the ground and not feeling like you've got to clean it up!

Also, I love the kid's - eye view of the world. It's so cool to rediscover the world that way, too.

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