Monday, October 09, 2006

Fifth Fall

Yesterday was the first of several trips for us to the pumpkin patch this fall. Fall is my favorite season and Halloween is my favorite holiday, and we have a great pumpkin patch attached to a working farm right near us.

I had Harry Belafonte singing "Turn around and you're three, turn around and you're four..." in my head when A. climbed to the top of the haystack pyramid all by himself.

Here's A. doing his Marlon Brando imitation on his first visit to the pumpkin patch at 5 weeks old:

And here he was yesterday. That's Ben at the bottom saying, "How'd you get way the hell up there?"


Sarah O. said...

Oh, man, that song always made me cry. Even when I was a kid!

We had a wonderful pumpkin patch farm nearby when our kids were little and we lived in Maryland. Some of our cutest pictures ever were taken at them. Kind of like your pictures. B. looks like he'll catch up with A. any minute. So cute!

Nice Photoshopping of the pointing finger!

Lunasea said...

Photoshopping? Oh no, that's the disembodied hand of G_d that follows us everywhere. Very useful in department stores when I can't see A. through the racks.

Sarah O. said...

HA! I had to resort to leashes to keep my kids from running away in stores.

OK, not really but I did look into it.

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