Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Spookiness

More craftiness at Chez Lunasea:

Mummy heads. A. can't get the "u" sound right so he tells everyone we made mommy heads for halloween.

And here's the banner A. and I made from some left-over paper scrap supplies. Personally, I had planned on having all the triangles point down, but A., who glued the letters on, had other ideas.

Ben says all the halloween stuff is "pooky." And he loves saying, "Boo!" and having us freak out and scream. So you can imagine how many times we have to do it.


Beastarzmom said...

Can you & A come over and decorate MY house too?

Sarah O. said...

So sweet! This is the epitome of quality family time.

Genevieve said...

Love the mummy heads! How'd you make 'em? (what's under the gauze?)

Lunasea said...

Thanks! Just plain ol' styrofoam balls. We painted them black before covering them with cheesecloth dipped in fabric stiffener, but the directions actually say to just use a strip of electrical tape.

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