Saturday, October 28, 2006

In Love With the 21st Century

G. and the boys drove me to get a spa pedicure this morning, complete with a pretty pink color that A. picked out himself (after I vetoed his first choice - metallic blue. Nothing wrong with that - just not my current mood). Several spa workers came back to tell me how unbelievably cute my boys and husband were. Look, ladies, I finally have a chance to read Oprah for the first time in two years, OK? I know they're cute. Thanks. Let me read my magazine. (No, just kidding - I enjoyed it).

Went to Marie Callender's for dinner and realized I'd never had dinner there before. Whenever we eat out, it becomes startlingly apparent that we have failed to teach Ben to use a normal speaking voice. Every diner in the restaurant was aware that there was an "A" on the sign near us, and fans on the ceiling, too, because Ben announced their presence really loudly many times. The waiter brought a slice of cherry pie with a candle in it. Then, as we left, we apologized to the nearby diners for our extremely loud son.

Then we went across the bridge to the super-white Apple store and exchanged my brand new iPod Nano (from my rockin' sisters) for this baby. I was going to keep the Nano because, geez, 500 songs seems like more than enough to get me through an hour workout, and I liked that it was a flash drive so it could be jostled a bit. But G. offered to make up the difference between the cute little Baby Nano and the 30GB Daddy iPod for a Christmas present. I took him up on it.
I didn't realize it automatically transferred all the songs on my computer to the iPod as soon as I hooked it up. So now I've got all the songs from "Veggie Tales" and "TTFTE" on my iPod should I ever want them piped right into my ear. Like they're not permanently etched on my brain already.

On the other hand, I also have 8 free podcasts waiting for me that will turn me into the best-read, most interesting person you've ever met. And a tiny little playlist from about 12 grownup songs I've bought off iTunes, beginning with "Out of My Head" by Fastball and ending with "Word Up!" by Cameo. Turns out "Word Up!" actually sounds much better from a small boom box in a large gym. In the 80's.

You'd think I'd never listened a mix tape on a Walkman. Songs! Through headphones! Any order I want!

Still, I don't think I'm ever taking it off. The sound quality is fantastic. And it's so COOL-looking. I may go to bed with it.

Oh, and did I mention that G. bought me the warm coat that I've needed for years? Finally, I don't have to borrow a coat when we go to Portland in the winter.

Oh yeah. It's been a good birthday.


Sarah O. said...

Happy birthday again! Nice gifts! Remember, ten years from now spa employees probably won't go on and on about how cute your boys are. Actually, in 12 years they may be hot for A. Yipe, 10 years will pass so fast.

Heck, my kids embarrassed me in McDonalds. It's OK. All kids get a bit spirited in restaurants.

I am so jealous of your Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback! I have one of those super tiny, no screen iPods. It's really great, no complaints at all except that it really doesn't look that cool. And I can't get Podcasts. Like I really need a new way to goof off.

Oh yeah, I also have "Word Up!" on my iPod.

I had to Google "TTFTE". HA! Wonderful! Hubby rediscovered "Bananaphone" the other day and none of us have been able to get it out of our heads since.

Finally, I've been seriously eyeing Lands' End Squall coat. I gave away all my warm coats last summer because I didn't think I'd really be needing them this winter in Northern California. If you've visited my increasingly boring blog lately you'll know that we've decided to move to Boulder, CO rather than the Silicon Valley. Long story. No problem though - I prefer beautiful, affordable Boulder. Moot point anyway because nobody wants to buy our house!

Enough about me. Happy 41st!!!!! Remember this now, 41 is the new 31.

Sarah O. said...

I forgot to mention that I love your flickr slideshow.

I also think I've had quite enough coffee this morning!

hipm0mma said...

happy birthday colleen . I am sitting here pea-green w/ envy at your ipod. I'd sleep with it too :)

Beastarzmom said...

I'm so glad you got the upgrade! I am absolutely sure you will love it! You'd have liked the little one, too, but you will LOVE this one! I thought I lost mine last week and was in a serious funk about it. (The only downside I can think of with those!) Enjoy it, and I'll send you some of my books when you're all ready! Don't know what Word Up is. Might have to investigate.

H.B. darlin'. Glad you enjoyed it. That's what it's all about.

I might not investigate going to Marie Callendars for birthday dinners though. They tend to give me serious Nan/Mom flashbacks!
*insert squeamish full body shiver here*

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