Thursday, May 22, 2008

Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name*

So we're heading off to AZ tomorrow to visit Grandpa Lunasea.

It's actually getting a little easier to fly with the under-6 set as they understand more about what's happening. The portable DVD player and my video iPod help, too.

I would just like to nominate myself for Traveler of the Year for fitting everything for myself, A., and Benjamin in ONE 19" suitcase. Thank you.

OK, I'm taking a backpack too. Still. See you in AZ.

*one of my favorite lines ever was (I think) from Dr. Corndog, who wondered something like, "with all that time in the desert, couldn't they have named the damn horse?" The swearing might be mine.


Aaron said...

Maybe the horse was given a name and then just forgotten much like their own... as it goes "in the desert you can't remember your name cuz there aint no one for to give you no shame" and into the sugary melodies that America was known for. I love that band :-)

I'll always remember my kids wee'heeing as the plane was blown up and down under strong tailwinds leaving Las Vegas a few Christmas' ago. People say "ugh, you took your kids to Vegas". I say, "sheyeah, I take my kids everywhere". Amsterdam is on the list as well!

Good luck in AZ, various areas there are on my list.

Sarah O. said...


And don't even get me started with "Horse With No Name". It has so many horrible lyrics, including my personal favorite:

After two days in the desert sun
My skin began to turn red

TWO DAYS before sunburn set in? Must have one hell of a base tan.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee, guess we all laugh at that oldie.
Have a great time, oh great packer, and take lots of pictures.

Knot Mom

Deirdre said...

You're made of sturdier stuff than I am. I have a May-September moratorium on AZ travels.

Have fun!

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