Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy M Day!

Boy, I enjoy Mother's Day so much more now (as a mother) than I did as a kid.

I awoke to breakfast in bed, with mango and strawberries, although Ben ate all my strawberries.

G. had asked them questions about me, and read the answers to me over breakfast.

G: What's Mama's least favorite thing to do?

A: Make things out of wood.
Ben: Clean the tuba.

G: What makes Mama so beautiful?

A: Her pretty hair and eyes.
Ben: Those trees. Her pretty voice.

G: What does Mama most like to write about you on her blog?

A: That we help Mama with cleaning and that we are nice.
Ben: An octopus.

What is the favorite thing Mama does with you?

A: Do crafts.
Ben: Hug me.

A. also came up with some Mother's Day riddles for me:

What kind of husband surprises his wife with a lick?
A lion! (I was sure he was going to answer, "Yours!")

What kind of dog gets married?
A poodle because they look so fancy!


So after breakfast we loaded up the car and headed down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where I took way more pictures of the jellyfish than I did of my own children. I love the jellyfish exhibit. (I love my children, too, of course).

The penguins were cute, too. These two are necking. Or, one of them is.

You can sit under a tidal wave

Here's me with my Mother's Day "corsage" and jewelry. As a bonus, the corsage works for Fourth of July, too. Actually, the boys are wearing most of the jewelry. The best presents are the ones they pick out for me to share with them.

And, from yesterday, a trip to the playground after my salon Mud Wrap, because what mother doesn't want to go straight to the playground after a mud wrap? But the reason I'm showing you this is the happy coincidence of our children perfectly matching the playground structure. I'm sure when people saw me snapping away they thought we'd planned it.

You can see more on Flickr.


Carrie said...

Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like it was a very good day. :)

Beastarzmom said...

sounds wonderful and fun.
I'm jealous of S,E & M going to get pedicures together. I think we should do that next year. kay?

Beastarzmom said...

btw - I recall at your first baby shower, wishing for you many treasures just like the one I shared with you that day. Looks like you're getting them. I'm glad.

Sarah O. said...

Now, that's a great Mother's Day!

A few years ago The Lemony Family took a vacation to Monterrey (seriously, that was our only destination) and spent lots of time at the aquarium. Emily swam with the sea creatures in the bay but Ethan kind of freaked out (so what's new?) as the aquarium personnel started suiting him up.

Still, it was our second best vacation ever. I don't think anything can ever surpass our week at the Costa Rica Four Seasons...

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