Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Survivor: Suburbia

I'm in the 32nd hour of about a 40 hour fast and lemme tell you, I'm not enjoying it. I'm not finding any spiritual awakenings. I'm not discovering how wonderful and light I feel. I found myself at Rite Aid yesterday wondering if I could eat gummy worms, since they're about as clear as apple juice, right? I held them up to the light and I could see through them.

I'm hungry. I think if they have to schedule your "procedure" after 12 noon, they should have a complementary cheeseburger waiting for you afterward. I'm cranky and tired. My brain feels foggier than usual. I did get my appointment moved up from 3pm to 1:30pm, which could save my marriage. And I'm never eating Jello again.

The Fleet stuff I had to drink was vile, but the resulting, um, cleanse, wasn't as bad as food poisoning or the stomach flu I had a while back. Small blessings.

Tip of the Day: If you're about to have a "procedure," don't read other people's accounts of their experiences. If they took the time to write about it on a board set up just for that purpose, it was probably horrible and will not make you feel better about what is going to happen soon.


HeyItsBeej said...

I hear you. And I feel your pain. Having had similar "procedures" performed several times, I cringe just thinking about that Fleet stuff, though the stuff I had to drink before they came along with Fleet makes me outright retch just thinking about it (and yes, I did retch as I typed).

Think of it as a "flush and fill." Heh

Sarah O. said...

Forty hours?! That's inhuman. Good for you for sticking to it, though.

When I had my first baby, I hadn't eaten in about 32 hours. In the recovery room (I had a very rough birth) I begged - literally - for a sandwich but NO! It was 11 at night, and even though I was at Johns Hopkins, their cafeteria was closed for the night. Hopkins is in the middle of a Baltimore slum so there was no place to pick me up a snack. Not that it mattered, they wouldn't let me eat until my heart rate went down.

So. Very. Hungry.

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